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The important things first:
All of my stories are non-profit fanwork! All rights belong to their respective owners!

You're looking for some funny, fluffy, tickly and cuddly Stories?
You would love to read some emotional, sad or even some creepy stories?
You love Dragons, Angels and other Fantasy creatures?

Welcome to my Gallery than. I hope i have everything you are looking for :)
If you look for sexual fics i have to dissapoint you, because that's something i absolutely despise and what I won't write ;P.

I also love to take architecture photographs, mostly from angels, since these creatures fascinate me since I was a little toddler, but I myself don't believe in them or a God, since I am an Atheist.

Caught your interest?

That's awesome. Feel free to browse through my gallery :)


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You are NOT allowed to use my photos or to copy my Fanfictions and calling them your own or to post them on other websites. All the photos and fanfictions in my gallery are copyrighted by me!!

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Einige meiner Fanfiktions gibt es übrigends auch auf deutsch.
Bei Interesse einfach eine persönliche Nachricht schreiben.


Random Favourites

Angel in Disguise :iconlillilolita:Lillilolita 265 16 Supernatural-season 10! :iconlifaan:LiFaAn 56 12 blood and tears they were here first :iconohlazarus:ohlazarus 70 5 The Morning :icongassada:Gassada 349 57 Cee Speedpaint :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 1,024 22 Protector :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 1,858 94 Endless Realms bestiary - Manticore :iconjocarra:jocarra 244 60 Boss Key :iconblackpearls91:Blackpearls91 50 4 Golden dreams :iconvyles:Vyles 155 16 Sweet Dreams are made of This :iconvyles:Vyles 126 22 King of the Pridelands :iconrussianblues:RussianBlues 151 41 Wolfy Reference sheet :iconsidonie:Sidonie 333 30 Sweet Sorrow :iconironshod:Ironshod 4,810 282 Lost Soul :iconironshod:Ironshod 2,782 184 TZP: Link Malon Epona and Cuccos :iconadella:Adella 8,607 413 TZP: Link Rides Epona Into the Sunset :iconadella:Adella 3,723 139



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I would appreciate a small donation anytime.

Thank you very much

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Family don't end with blood
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

Learning English Stamp by Fischy-Kari-chan Stamp: English by Silver-Chocolate We tried. by Efaniel My native language... by ttalktomesoftly Not perfect English by Queen-Soulia

Hello and welcome to my Account :3

I was formerly known as "DecepticonSeeker" on here, but decided to change my username because I am not interested in Transformers that much anymore. And to make sure there won't be any misunderstandings: There are still some old photos of mine in my gallery who have my old watermark/old username on it. I have written it down underneath every old photo of mine already. I don't want you to think i would be an art thief. All photos and stories you will find in my gallery are taken and/or written by me ;). Thanks for understanding

I am a young hobby writer (fanfictions mostly) and photographer.
I would love to do the latter professionally one day :)


What you will find on this account:
Literature and photos mostly. But also some photomanipulations from time to time.
I love to write a lot of different stories. I started writing with 12 years and I do write fanfictions mostly, but I also love to write non-fanfictions or some poems I come up with here and there. Most of the time I love to write cute and funny stories, mostly tickle stories, but I also love to write serious stories, like dark stuff, dramas, horror, etc. Please check out the story folders in my gallery if you have interest in my writing.
When it comes to photos i use this account for still life (architecture) mostly.
But from time to time I share some nature related photos on here as well.
If you want to see high quality nature photos please send me a note.
I have an other account just for my high quality nature photographs ;).
Just browse through my gallery folders and see for yourself^^

What you will NOT find on my account:
Anything sexual or fetish related stuff.
Just because I have a thing for tickling doesn't mean i will write fetish stories.
I like tickling in a totally non-sexual way. Just in a funny, friendly way.
I also don't write about pairings. All characters are friends. It's sad that i have to write this down here...
I also won't write any sexual stories. I have my reasons and if you want to know more about this, please scroll down and read the whole info I have written down on my page before you judge me or my sexuality.

Thank you!

About the Requests:
I don't do requests anymore, since I am sick of greedy and rude people and those, who don't even appreciate the hard work I have put into their stuff and who couldn't even say "Thank you" for it.

And since I get asked a lot if I do RPs or not:
I am sorry but I don't do RPs. I don't like this very much and it makes me feel uncomfortable.
Aaaaaand: Way too many perverts out there who spoil the fun ;)

I DON'T write Fetish Stories so please STOP asking me about such stories!!

Follow me on tumblr:
Follow me on…


One of my biggest dreams is to spend at least two or three weeks in new zealand.
I am a nature lover. I spend as much time in nature as I can, taking photos (if you have interest in my nature photos please send me a PM. But careful: If you don't like spiders, you shouldn't look at my account, because i am a nature AND spider photograher. Spiders belongs to my most favorite animals) and just enjoying the sun on my skin, listening to the whispering wind and watch all those wonderful creatures, from the smallest bug to the biggest horse. This is what i need to be happy :). No money, no electronic stuff, just a sunny sumer day...

And i am a proud atheist who writes fanfictions about angels :lol:
I also appreciate all these great old angel pictures, like the one I chose for my profile pic on here. I just love this art style so much. All those details in each of these paintings are stunning!

Most favorite Characters from Supernatural:
Lucifer, Gabriel, Michael, Castiel, Dean, Sam, Bobby, Crowley, Adam, Kevin, Charlie

Most favorite Characters from Dominion:
Michael, Alex, Noma, Gabriel

Most favorite Characters from The Walking Dead:
Daryl, Rick, Hershel, Michonne, Philip Blake (The Governor), Merel, Glenn

Supernatural by Arunaudo Supernatural Season 4 Stamp by Cammerel Castiel Stamp by XionStamps Cas is (not)Serious ~stamp by HikariKoboshi Crowley Stamp - Test by LaJolly Gabriel Stamp by Ranger-Sarha you ASSBUTT by Gogelmogel gabriel is not amused stamp by Bloody-Changeling Luci's tongue by Wingsofheaven00 Misha Collins Stamp by Cammerel Supernatural by kicsianna sam and dean wrangling stamp by Bloody-Changeling
Lucifer stamp1 by nupao Supernatural Dean: Eye of the Tiger stamp by TMNT-Raph-fan Stamp12 by nupao Stamp6 by nupao Supernatural Changing Channels Stamp by Cammerel That Awkward Moment... by purpledragon42
:thumb323632941: I :HEART: Daryl Stamp by risaXrisa Awww by Coley-sXe Badass Dixons by Coley-sXe .: The Walking Dead Season 2 :. by art-meets-words The Walking Dead Series Stamp by Bahamut20
The Walking Dead Stamp by XxMissBrightSidexX Team Daryl Stamp by SGStamps TWD Stamp 4 by Krubbus Rick Stamp by XionStamps The Walking Dead - Shut up. by XionStamps .: Michonne :. by ZombiMandi
Sherlock by 1stClassStamps SH Sherlock Stamp by TwilightProwler SH I am SHER-Locked Stamp by TwilightProwler SH Sherlock and John Laughing Stamp by TwilightProwler Sherlock Holmes by 1stClassStamps John Watson by 1stClassStamps
Game of Thrones Stamp by pixelworlds game of thrones stamp by gothicmermaid13 Tyrion Lannister by Anawielle Jon Snow by Anawielle Eddard Stark by Anawielle GoT stamps: Khal Drogo 2 by Roksik-Stamps
Grey's Anatomy 2 by Roojii Gray's Anatomy - Stamp by Pure-Kokoro Mc Dreamy stamp by einfallslos Grey's Anatomy by phantom Grey's Anatomy Stamp by SpiritLeTitan:thumb173822623:
True Blood by TheArtistDarklady True Blood Stamp - Eric by ThatDeadGirl Eric and Sookie by RuthlessDreams AF :: Eric Stamp by WishmasterKami BILF Stamp by kalot3000 True Blood Season 2 Stamp by skyleaf

My Fanfictions are full of fluffy and funny moments, tickling etc. :)
But when i am in one of my moods i like to write sad or creepy stories as well.
Please sit back and enjoy my fanfictions if you like them ;)

But i don't write fanfictions only. I also do write my own works with some OCs of mine, but i am still too shy to upload them. I am also planning to write a book i could sell. I have the idea for this book since i was 12 and i haven't abandon this idea. Actually now i have Ideas for two books. One of them will be a horror book with an Alien, but over all the years i just can't create an alien that hasn't been there before. That's very frustrating. And the second book will be more of a Psychro-Horror. I think i will write this one first.

But at the moment i love to write cute, silly, cuddly and veeeeery funny (well at least i HOPE you find them funny :XD:) fanfictions.

And yes i admit it: I have a thing for tickling. Not in a sexual way. God NO! In a playfull and funny way :).
I am still a bit embarrassed to admit that to be honest and i am still a bit shy to post my tickle-related fanfics :blush:

I have this kink since i was a kid and i have no idea where it came from. Suddenly it was there.
And if you want to know: I am more of a 'lee than a 'ler. I only love to get tickled by people I love and trust, like my best friend and i only like it when it is playful and fun for both the 'ler and the 'lee. I don't like it (and sometimes hate it) when it's in a sexual or very brutal way (like actual torture).
What i absolutely LOVE is teasing, teasing, teasing and tickle talk :giggle: I think it increases the ticklish feeling tenfold :XD:. It is soooo much fun. And, as you may know when you read my fics, one of my most favorite tickle-method is raspberry tickling. If you have ever gotten a raspberry blown onto your bare belly or neck you know what i mean: It is hell and heaven at once :XD:

Okay enough of that now (Bet ya think i am a weird freak now. BUT...i don't care~)
I am who i am and i can't (and don't) want to change that. ;P

Ticklish Artist by Moriona-Broazic I love to write Tickle Stories by Moriona-Broazic Tickle Lover 4 Ever by Moriona-Broazic Fluff Stamp by Blackshadowbutterfly Tickle Stamp by Sue-Zan I support brotherly love by BrotherlyFluff

If your can't take some critism then i advise you to don't read further. You have been warned!

About my hate for yaoi/yuri and all this disgusting porn shit out there:

I find it utterly stupid to pair two totally STRAIGHT characters or even BROTHERS/SISTERS (that's incest man, WTF is wrong with you?!). It is annoying as hell, especially when you find this crap all over the frigging internet! And don't get me started with those immature fanbrats who will shove insults and even death threats down your throat immediately when you say anything against their beloved yaoi/yuri shit.

Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against real life homosexuals. I support them.
I also have absolutely nothing against homosexual OC characters. I have some favorite OC pairs over here as well. But when it comes to my favorite TV Shows/Movies and such..gosh! Just because they hug doesn't mean they are a love couple! I stumbled across so much f*cked up stuff in the internet which freaked me the hell out. And i can totally understand it when the actors, producers etc of said shows/movies/etc. get's pissed off by that as well. I would do the same if i would find disgusting and sick sex pics/fanfics from me and my best friend in the internet as well. I really don't know what the heck went wrong with those people, but they should seek some mental help. This isn't normal anymore. It's just disgusting and VERY annoying!! Just imagine what happens when the kids of those actors find disgusting sex pics and stories about their parents when they browse through the web one day. If I would find something like this from my dad I would need a therpy afterwards! Sorry but that's were my tolerance ends!

Some "fans" take it WAY too far and I am ashamed to call myself a female Supernatural fan when I see how much fucked up fics and pictures are out there in the web and how some of these over-obsessed "fangirls" behave. I am NOT a fangirl, I am just a normal female fan who enjoys a good TV show and THAT'S IT. For me most Slash-Fans are the black sheeps among any fandoms and that's why I stay away from fandoms in general.

So before you come here and whine like a little crybaby: Everyone has the right to state their opinions and this is mine. If you can't handle it then i ask you kindly to leave my page and go cry somewhere else. :).

Anti-Stamp by KaizokuShojo Straight Stamp by 10-Aerith-10 Yaoi is Idiotic by Sooraya-in-a-Hat Everything is Yaoi Stamp by Spikytastic Anti-rape stamp by Maran-Zelde Incest is Sick and Wrong by SionnaDehr Anti Incest by Cressalys Creepy Incest by SionnaDehr Anti Yaoi is not Real Hate by Kaioh-the-PureMage:thumb214284567: i'm sick... by foxy311 Yaoi Ruins Fandoms by TheSnowDrifter Deviantart not Porn site by crimsonsaphire Anti-Porn Stamp by Destro2k Anti Anthro Porn Stamp by StrawberryJuicie Sex is Overrated by MustBeInfinito I hate porn stamp by RanStamps No Virgin Shaming Plz by XDiaLinnX

If you want to know why i despise sex in general: I am asexual am damn proud of it!

Asexual by OurHandOfSorrow Asexual stamp by TheLeetCasualGamer Asexual support stamp by Alien-Maiden Asexual Doesn't Mean... Stamp by AETitus It Is Not Just A Phase Stamp by JessicaCasciotta88 Stamp: Platonic Love by AMX-269

If you have questions feel free to ask me, because i won't bite you (yeah believe it or not after that long rant *lol*) :3

The Transformers thingy:
Sorry guys, but i am not interested in Transformers anymore.
I only watch the Movies from Mr. Michael Bay and that's it.
Not a fan o the rest anymore...

And as you have seen i am also an Atheist. Please respect that and don't rub your bible stuff into my face like some users have done it already. It's very annoying and it won't change my believes. I have never believed in a God and i will never believe in him and since i have read a few pages of the bible...well i find this book absolutely sick and disgusting. That's all you have to know.

And I am NOT a satanist. If I don't believe in a God, I don't believe in the Devil either.
I am just interested in this stuff, but it is fictional as everything else like dragons, fairies etc.
So please leave me alone with comments like "Bohoo you stupid satanic bitch".

Thank you!

Being different by black-cat16-stamps My opinion by black-cat16-stamps Insane fangirls by TheArtOfNotLikingYou Anti-slash stamp by Ghostwalker2061 Hating on yaoi fantards by VanillaBlackkitty Frodo-Sam Brothers - Stamp by Terrafan4242 Atheist Women by LugiasPal Atheist Stamp by anastasia-black Atheist Stamp by MattCat Atheist Stamp by AirieFeristo Atheist Stamp by StampMeisters The atheist stamp by Yoshi-chu Baphomet stamp by Sy666 horn love stamp by Delfim Shadow Demon Stamp by AomiArmster Request - Satan is Better by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Stamp: Tool of Satan by 8manderz8 Stamp: I'll pray for you. by 8manderz8
Guardians Of The Galaxy Stamp by SenaIzumi Stamp - Rocket 1 by indigosith GotG Stamp: Rocket and Groot 2 by TMNT-Raph-fan I love Groot Stamp by TheCupcakeCow GotG Stamp: Rocket and Groot by TMNT-Raph-fan Rocket Raccoon Stamp by Howie62

I am still very busy at the moment, since I have a lot of doctor's appointments coming up and other personal things I have to take care of.

My floaters driving me crazy, but I TRY to learn to ignore them, which isn't easy, but hey: I dealt with a loud tinnitus, so I think I should deal with my floaters too (and I could swear that I have seen these black, blurry strings years ago already. I have just ignored them and now I need to teach my brain to ignore them again). After all I already make fun of them (when they don't depress me too much of course) and sometimes, when I feel bored, I even play with them (I mean my doc said that they are totally normal when you start to age and that every human has to deal with them in his live. Some people sooner than others) *LOL*. My physiotherapist had a nice way to distract me from these things, by tickling me (no joke) and talking about this topic in general (gosh I blushed so hard :XD:). He is such a goof :XD:. But it was a nice sesion today and I learned something new today. I never knew you could get an eye treatment (and I think he called it an orbita treatment. He gave me this treatment after I told him about my annoying eye problems and he asked me if I would like to try out something new and I am always open for new treatments^^). That was pretty cool :3. And I've also got another jaw treatment, which was also pretty cool and I feel a lot better now :D. Such a shame that I have had my last session today, but I try to get more soon. I am looking forward to come back for more massages :giggle:.

Really guys: If you have to deal with pain in your spine or your back/body in general try to see an osteopath.
Since I go to mine I feel so much better and not only physically, but also psychically. I have no idea what he has done to me, but whatever it was it had been working on me. All of my health problems can't shock me that much anymore since I think much more postive since I go to him and this is coming from somone who is pretty much against Esotericism and all of this stuff, since I don't blieve in this, but to be honest: I start to believe in some of these things now, since I have experienced them myself and I can proudly say: Yes, it's woking (but don't get me wrong. He isn't an Esoteric, but he used a few things from the Esotericism and mixes it with his physiotheraphy every now and then.)  :). And he has been the only person who fought against my tinnitus together with me. I have been at so many different doctors and all of them said that I have to learn to live with my tinnitus, since they can't do aynthing against it. Not even the cortisone, which I took from january until the end of febraury, had been working. But my osteopath managed to make my tinnitus go away almost completely. Sure I still hear it from time to time, but it so quiet that it isn't bothering me in the slightest (for comparison: Last year I have been crying myself to sleep many, many nights since I couldn't stand this loud ringing in both of my ears). I am so grateful that I have met this guy and got a wonderful theraphy. I really, really hope I get more pyhsiotherphy soon and if I finally find a new job, I will pay the session by myself :).I would like to go to the massage regularly then^^.

Since monday I try to make an eye doctor appointment and slowly this is driving me crazy as hell!
I see more and more floaters (at least I think so. But to be honest: I think I see more floaters because I concentrate on them) and I really want to let an eye doctor check on that, but all of them wants to give me appointments for June or July only, WTF?! I've got eye problems NOW and NOT in summer man! -.- But I am persistent and I will call as many eye doctors as I need until I get an earlier appointment!

UPDATE: I finally got an eye doctor appointment today and it's in one and a half week. Sooooo much better than getting an appointment in June -.-.

I also have to make an appointment in my hospital and also for a MRI scan for my heart and I am still scared of this TEE examination, that may coming up in the near future. I've got nightmares of that shit since last week. So. Not. Cool!!

And in one week I have to go to my orthopaedist again to let him check on my back and my knee and I hope I will get more physiotheraphy as well (I am going to ask him for more).

Did I say that I am sick of doctors? -.-

Personal stuff that's going on: I try to distract myself from all of my health problems with personal things as good as I can (which isn't easy to be honest, but I try my best. Life is too short to be depressed all the time, right?).

I and my sister plan a nice surprise for my mom's birthday party which takes place in september.
We plan to give her a strip show from a nice looking stripper for her b-day party and we're already looking for a professional stripper. Ohhhh this is going to be a lot of fun :XD:. And no worries: My dad is totally fine with this ;).

At the same time I plan a few things, like self-made food and decoration, together with my mom, which is a lot of fun too.

On friday I will visit my friend (the organ player), since he invited me and my mom to one of his organ concerts and we are both looking forward to this :D. I love organ music so much :3.

The only thing I am not looking forward to (except for all my doctor's appointments) is this mini job in my dad's garden colony.
Don't get me wrong: It was a lot of fun when I did it last year, but this year I wished I had said "no" when my dad asked me if I want to do it again. My back is killing me and so does my knee and I think I will regret it badly to do this work again this year. But I already said yes and I stick to my word. I will grit my teeth and go through this (but I am already glad when this day is over. The money isn't worth the pain...). I mean I was out for a photography tour on monday and my whole body hurt so much in that night, that I had to take strong pain killers to be able to fall asleep :(.

I swear I already feel like an 80 year old woman...

Man I am 27 years old and my whole body is already broken! -.-

But all complaining won't make it better. Like I said: I will grit my teeth and try to deal with all of these problems as good as I can. There are still people out there who have to deal with far worse problems than I do, so I shouldn't be such a crybaby about all of this.

I still haven't planned any new stories at the moment (I have no time to write and I am too lazy and totally not in the mood for writing in general) and I honestly concentrate more on my nature account right now (even if less and less people care for my nature photos on there), but I still got some older stories on my laptop, which I would like to share with you soon. Remember the Dominion and Lucifer stories I had planned? They are done and I just have to re-read them again, check them for mistakes and I think I will upload the first one in the end of this week (but I can't make any promises though).+. At the moment I am too lazy to re-read them. I hope you guys will like these stories though^^.

But like I said: Don't expect too much from me.

It's getting quieter and quieter on this account as well. Hardly anyone talks to me anymore and that's not very motivating to upload anything on here, let alone come online :shrug:

And I think that's it for the moment.

Long journal. I am sorry for that ^^;

Thanks for reading aaaaaaand see ya soon~ :wave:
  • Listening to: Gregorians Masters of Chant and The Dark Tenor
  • Reading: Der Kuss des Morgenlichts
  • Watching: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Michael Bay)
  • Playing: Nothing at the moment
  • Eating: Leek and cheese soup
  • Drinking: Water


This song is so beautiful and so sad at the same time:

The whole scene just broke my heart. What a wonderful movie that is and I am so in LOVE with that Soundtrack (but I still like the first movie a bit more ;))
This is for all my german followers or those who can understand german:

Ich habs gestern auch live gesehen (allerdings wars bei uns etwas anders) und ich und meine Sis wir haben uns weggeschmissen vor Lachen :XD:

Leute zieht's euch rein:

Hätte ich das bloß gestern auch komplett gefilmt. Menno. Bei uns haben die beiden auch ein paar ordentliche Sprüche rausgehauen. Lachtränen garantiert sag ich da nur :XD:


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